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Columbia, South Carolina

Hello I’m Cynthia of Gazi’s Oils
I’m an eclectic woman of God, wife, mother, lover of all things purple and auntie to all, or Gazi, as my first grandnephew now calls me, hence the name Gazi’s Oils. It is short for "Shangazi" in Swahili which means auntie.

I’ve been Oiling for a little over four years. It’s been a journey of rediscovery and reconnecting to my roots and ancestors. Plant knowledge is in my DNA. My grandmother understood and utilized plants and other natural remedies, which unfortunately I didn’t learn and appreciate while she was living. Amazingly, I also found a membership that my mother had to Young Living among her papers after she passed last year.

In Esther 4:13-14 it speaks of “For Such A Time As This”, and for me this is truly meaningful. Life has brought me to a season of the realization of my purpose and passion, the WHY I was created to be who I am and WHY the liquid love from plants are so important to me. I’m called to serve others by learning, sharing and teaching about all that He created for us to keep our body, mind and spirit whole and healthy naturally. One of his precious gifts is the healing essence and properties of Essential Oils. I’m inviting you to join me on this journey to natural health and wellness. It's a journey your mind, body and spirit will thank you for embracing.

Mint Hill , North Carolina

I am so thankful to be on this plant-baed oil infused journey! I have been using YL essential oils since 2013! As an educator, consultant and coach I keep my diffuser running in my office. I love to quilt and diffuse inspiring and grounding blends in my quilting space. I've found that a drop of vitality oil brings a great boost of flavor to any recipe. Our community is amazing and supportive and there is room for you! #liveoily4life